Private Lessons

French lessons totally adapted to suit your needs with different options:

  1. Private and personalized lessons in Victoria
  2. Semi-private classes (2 to 4 persons max)
  3. On-line assignments and lessons in the comfort of your home with Skype

Beginners level 1 and level 2
Level 1 is for those who have no prior knowledge of French. These levels are suitable for those who are planning a trip to a French speaking country and can be adapted to suit your needs (Parents of children in French immersion school for instance).

After completing these levels you will be able to understand and use familiar daily expressions. We will focus on how introduce yourself, address simple questions about personal matters and express likes and dislikes. Through the course of these lessons you will also have an overview of the different French regions and French speaking countries. The goal of these lessons is to give you confidence in your French speaking abilities in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

Intermediate level
You are preparing for exams (education or government)? You are planning a trip to a French speaking country for travel or business? Or just want to refresh your memory and learn beyond the basics? These lessons can allow you to extend your vocabulary, work on your grammar, on conversation skills and help you build confidence & feel more comfortable using this expressive language.

Advance level
If you already have some fluency in oral French or have completed an intermediate level, these lessons introduce you to the subtleties of the French Language. Mostly based on conversations, these lessons through various activities, reading articles and contemporary authors will allow you to extend your vocabulary to specialized French or slang. We can also adapt the lessons to your goals, if you are preparing for a business trip or an exam for instance.

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