Translation English to French
“To date, machine translation – a major goal of natural language processing – has met with limited success.” Wikipedia
A machine translation can help you with one word outside its context but you need a fine sense of when to translate literally and when to paraphrase, to assure true rather than supposed equivalents between the source and target language texts.
I can give you an accurate professional translation a machine will never give you! I am a competent translator and a native speaker with the ability to direct a text to a target audience and also to understand the subtleties and differences between French from France & French Canadian.

Type of translation:

  • Documents and manuals
  • Websites
  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing materials
  • Curriculum
  • Manuals and guidelines

Examples of last abcfrench translations:

  • Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (Articles for Book Arts Canada Magazine)
  • Resumes (French to English)
  • ViVitroLabs (Tender for cardiovascular device)
  • Mental Health Canada ( Project presentation)
  • The Boulder Climbing (Technical book of climbing training)
  • Bridges for Women (Curriculum of the association)

Asking a quote and ordering safely. How it works:
Upload your document to with the information below and within less than 24 hours, we will evaluate the material and the deadlines to give you an accurate  quotation. Word counts are based on your source document, not on an estimation of the number of words in the target language.  The delivery of the final document is made after payment. Abcfrench assures total confidentiality. See pricing section for information on rates.

Proofreading & Editing
You have written a text in French or you have a translation in French you want to check. Proofreading is a critical step, and is different from translating. While translating involves perfectly switching the text from one language to another, proofreading involves not only correcting mistakes in the translation but also matching the tone of the text to the intended audience and adjusting the style if necessary. You can email a text in French and request a basic check (correcting spelling and grammatical spelling and typing errors) or ask for more extensive work like changing the text, making sure the text is 100% coherent or also improving the style.

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